Fundraising, filming and promotional activity on the public transport network

There are a range of requirements and restrictions that apply when it comes to accessing the public transport network for community or professional activities.

Fundraising activities

Any individual or organisation seeking to carry out fundraising activities at metropolitan train stations must apply to Metro for permission to do so.

More information is available on Metro's 'Fundraising at Stations' webpage.

Photography and filming

Our rail, tram and bus operators have requirements and restrictions regarding professional and student filming and photography.

Selling, advertising, promotional and campaigning activities

The Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) (Conduct on Public Transport) Regulations 2015 (the regulations) set out rules regarding selling, hiring, soliciting, busking and the distribution of material on the public transport network.

It’s important that anyone wishing to sell, hire, solicit, busk or hand out information of any nature around the public transport network is aware of conduct prohibited by the regulations.

Section 30 of the regulations prohibits:

  • selling, hiring, or offering for sale or hire any thing, or touting for custom, hire or employment; andsoliciting
  • soliciting money or goods, busking or the distribution of handbills,in or on a public transport vehicle, or public transport premises, unless written

in or on a public transport vehicle, or public transport premises, unless written authorisation is obtained from the relevant public transport operator or VicTrack.

A public transport vehicle includes trains, trams or buses that are operated by public transport operators or rail freight operators.

A public transport premises includes any land, building, premises or structure that is leased, owned or occupied by public transport operators rail freight operators or VicTrack.

A "handbill" could include leaflets, brochures, notices, pamphlets, or any other printed material distributed by hand, containing political, commercial or community related information.

Please note that where information is being distributed in the vicinity of a station, stop, or vehicle, public access to the station, stop or vehicle must not be impeded. Local Council approval may be required to conduct any activities in the vicinity of a station, stop or vehicle.

Access to the V/Line network

For information about access to the V/Line network for third party works or community events visit the V/Line website.