Frankston and Stony Point lines disruptions

Frankston and Stony Point lines disruptions

Frankston and Stony Point lines disruptions

Disruptions on the Frankston and Stony Point lines

Below is an overview of the disruptions and details of replacement buses on the Frankston and Stony Point lines over the next few weeks.

Buses replace trains


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Times and dates

Type of works


Buses replace trains between

8.30pm to last service each night, Sunday 1 October to Wednesday 4 October

Night works


Moorabbin and Mordialloc


Victoria’s Big Build is making the Frankston Line level crossing-free by removing all 27 of the dangerous and congested level crossings by 2029. Victoria’s Big Build is building 17 new stations, improving safety, reducing congestion and allowing more trains to run more often.

Victoria’s Big Build is removing the level crossing at Parkers Road in Parkdale and Warrigal Road in Mentone by building a rail bridge over the road and a new Parkdale Station with better facilities and more services. Removing these crossings will change how locals live, work and travel, and journeys on the Frankston Line will be faster and local roads safer.

Regular maintenance and critical safety works undertaken by Metro Trains Melbourne will also continue to ensure the safety and efficiency of Melbourne's metropolitan rail network.

For more information, please visit

Additional travel support and information

Car park and pedestrian access changes: Temporary car park closures and changes to pedestrian access will affect stations along the line during the works.

For the safety and comfort of all passengers, there are restrictions on what you may take with you on buses.

You cannot:

  • Take a conventional bike on a bus or tram (only folding bikes that meet the size criteria).
  • Take an animal on a bus or tram unless it is in a suitable container. Exceptions apply for assistance dogs.
  • Take a surfboard on a tram or a bus.

For further information, see Luggage, Bikes and Animals.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis are available and most train replacement buses will be low-floor models to assist passengers. Please speak to the customer service staff at your replacement bus stop, station staff or contacting PTV prior to your travel on 1800 800 007.

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us directly or through the National Relay Service and request to call 1800 800 007.

For other languages visit or call 9321 5450.

See Accessibility for more information on accessible transport in Victoria.

Journey planning

To plan your route, use Journey planner.

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