Changes to bus network in Craigieburn area

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Changes are being made to bus routes 511, 525, 528, 529, 530, 531, 532, 533, 537 and 544 around the Craigieburn area to provide passengers with improved service coverage, and better access to shops, schools and other transport services.

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Bus route changing on Monday 11 April 2022:

Bus routes changing on Sunday 24 April:

Route 511 Donnybrook Station to Mandalay via Olivine

  • Route 511 will have a minor route change due to a new intersection on Donnybrook Road.
  • Route 511 will enter Olivine Boulevard via a left turn from Donnybrook Road, travel via Hayes Hill Boulevard and Patterson Drive, then continue on Donnybrook Road via a right-hand turn from Patterson Drive. 
  • Two minutes will be added to the total journey time.

Route 525 Donnybrook Station to Craigieburn Station via Mickleham

  • Route 525 will be realigned to improve access to schools and community facilities in Mickleham.
  • Route 525 will travel via Marathon Boulevard, Highlander Drive, Mount Ridley Road, Mickleham Road, Poppy Street, Brossard Road, Ellscott Boulevard, Errol Boulevard, Blackmore Road, St Georges Boulevard, Harfield Avenue, Alexo Road and the Woods Boulevard.
  • Route 525 will be removed from Aitken Boulevard, Grand Boulevard, Daybreak Vista, Trillum Boulevard, Balmain Road, a section of Donnybrook Road and a section of Alexo Road.
  • Passengers in Craigieburn can catch Route 541 to access Aitken Boulevard or Route 529 to access Grand Boulevard.
  • In Mickleham, passengers will still be within close walking distance of Route 525.
  • Two trips will be added on Sunday mornings. The service frequency and span of hours will remain unchanged on weekdays and Saturday.
  • School trips to and from Mt Ridley College will continue to operate on school days.

Route 528 Craigieburn Station – Craigieburn Central SC

  • Route 528 will be extended along Elevation Boulevard, providing additional coverage to west Craigieburn and better access to Elevation Secondary College and shops.
  • The morning peak frequency and weekday interpeak frequency will operate every 20 minutes.
  • The frequency of the service will increase to every 20 minutes on weekdays and every 40 minutes on weekends to better reflect demand.
  • Sunday morning services will start earlier to allow for a 9:00am arrival at Flinders Street Station.
  • Services will be better coordinated with trains at Craigieburn Station.

Route 529 Craigieburn Station - Craigieburn North via Craigieburn SC

  • Route 529 will be extended west along Brookfield Boulevard and Highlander Drive to Craigieburn Central Shopping Centre, connecting Craigieburn West residents to shops, medical services, employment and trains.
  • The weekday service frequency will increase to every 15 minutes during morning and afternoon peak and every 20 minutes off-peak.
  • Sunday morning services will start earlier to allow for an 8:20am arrival at Flinders Street Station.
  • The route will still maintain access to Highlands Shopping Centre, Mt Ridley College and Craigieburn Station.

Route 533 Craigieburn - Craigieburn North via Hanson Road

  • Route 533 will have a timetable change to allow better connections with Route 529.
  • There will be minor changes to the morning and afternoon peak frequency on weekdays.
  • The off-peak service frequency will increase to every 20 minutes on weekdays.
  • Sunday morning services will start earlier to allow for 8:20am arrival at Flinders Street Station.

Route 537 Craigieburn Station - Craigieburn West via Craigieburn Central SC

  • Route 537 will be shortened to end at Craigieburn Central Shopping Centre.
  • Route 528 will service the removed section of Route 537.
  • The frequency of the service will increase to every 20 minutes on weekdays.  The service frequency will remain unchanged on weekends.
  • The Sunday morning span will be increased to allow for an 8:20am arrival at Flinders Street Station.

There will be minor timetable changes for the following routes:

Passengers should check their timetables before traveling.

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