Minor route and timetable change for bus Route 15

From 3 July 2022, buses between Ballarat Station and Brown Hill will travel via Fussell and Charlesworth Street.

The new route path for Route 15 Ballarat Station – Brown Hill is due to the closure of the right turn lane from Stawell Street into Victoria Street including the Westbound service lane.

Buses travelling towards Brown Hill will travel from Water Street, across Victoria Street onto Fussell Street, turn right onto Charlesworth Street and left onto Stawell Street South.

Buses travelling towards Ballarat Station will turn right from Stawell Street South onto Charlesworth Street, left onto Fussell Street and continue across Victoria Street onto Water Street.

The rest of the route remains unchanged.

Three new bus stops will be installed along the new section of the route path on Charlesworth and Fussell Streets.

Five bus stops on Victoria Street and Stawell Street South will be removed from Route 15 services. Four stops will continue to be serviced by school special services and one bus stop on Victoria Street Service Road will be decommissioned.

There is no change to days of operation, span or frequency of services.

Passengers should check the timetable before they travel.

Map of bus Route 15 Ballarat Station - Brown Hill