Mitchell town bus timetable changes

We’re making changes to town bus timetables in Seymour, Kilmore East and Wallan, to give you better connections to train services. They'll start from 31 March 2019, when the new Shepparton and Seymour train timetable begins.

Seymour Route 4

  • The 6.10am service will leave four minutes earlier at 6.06am
  • The 6.45am service will leave one minute earlier at 6.44am
  • The 7.25am service will leave four minutes earlier at 7.21am

Kilmore town bus

The following services from Hudson Park/Sydney St (Kilmore) to Kilmore East Station will depart earlier:

  • 5.45am will depart at 5.44am
  • 6.19am will depart at 6.15am
  • 7.30am will depart at 7.29am
  • 10.45am express service from Kilmore International School/White St will depart at 10.40am

The following services will depart Kilmore East Station later in the evenings:

  • 5.42pm will leave at 5.45pm
  • 6.23pm will leave at 6.26pm
  • 6.51pm will leave at 6.53pm
  • 8.10pm will leave at 8.11pm

Wallan weekday services to Wallan Station

Wallan Central to Wallan Station (Route 1)

  • 6.09am will depart at 6.08am
  • 7.21am will depart at 7.19am

Springridge to Wallan Station (Route 2)

  • 6.07am will leave at 6.06am
  • 7.19am will leave at 7.17am
  • 10.51am will leave at 11am

Wallan Station to Wallara Waters (Route 3)

  • 6.18am will depart at 6.17am
  • 7.30am will depart at 7.28am

Wallan Saturday services

Wallan Central to Wallan Station (Route 1)

  • 8.46am will leave at 8.44am

Wallan Station to Wallan Central (Route 1)

  • 1.38pm will leave at 1.39pm