New Horsham town bus network

The new Horsham bus network will have four routes, plus a service from Roberts Avenue to Horsham Station to connect to Overland train services. The four routes will be more frequent and get people across town.

Your new town bus services will also run in the morning and afternoon peaks. This is possible because we’re also simplifying school bus services.

Click the links below and enter the date you want to travel to plan your journey:

  • Route 1 Natimuk Road to Shirley Street will travel between Shirley St in Riverside, via the town centre to Albert Street in south west Horsham, along a similar path to the current routes 1 and 5. It will give people access to the Kalkee Road Children’s centre and the Aquatic Centre.
  • Route 2 East West (hospital) will travel from one side of Horsham to the other via the town centre, from Natimuk Road in the west to Shirley Street in the east. It will cover parts of the current routes 2 and 5. Key destinations include the hospital and Federation University.
  • Route 3 Horsham College and South Bank will travel between Horsham College in the town’s north to Williams Road in Southbank via the town centre, similar to the current routes 3 and 4. Key destinations include Ingenia Gardens Retirement Village.
  • Route 4 Horsham to Haven will travel between Horsham town centre and Haven, similar to the current Route 6. Key destinations include the Aquatic Centre and Haven.
  • Route 5 Train Station Special will run from Roberts’ Avenue to Horsham Station. It will operate on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays to connect to Overland train services.

Routes 1, 2, 3 and 4 will run Monday to Saturday. There will be no services on Monday 27 January 2020 due to the public holiday, so the new network will start from Tuesday 28 January 2020.