New town bus network for Sale

From Monday 1 February, the new bus network will service more parts of Sale six days a week.

Two new bus routes, Route 5 and 6, will be introduced giving residents greater access to the Port of Sale and other key community destinations including schools and aged care facilities.

Buses will run longer on weekdays and Saturday service will be added for the first time. The Sale to Loch Sport via Longford service will also be improved and renamed Route 7.

Bus routes will operate as part of the new Sale town bus network:

There will be a minor timetable change to Route Sale – Stratford to accommodate changes to the new town bus network.

Changes to the network are a result of feedback received from the community in September 2019.

A few tips to make your transition safe and seamless…

Check your new timetable - everyone can now plan for any changes to the services that they normally take to travel around Sale.

Stay safe around buses - changes to the bus network mean changes to road conditions in many areas.

  • Take extra care with road safety if you’re driving or cycling, as buses will slow and stop in new locations, sometimes on busy roads. In some places traffic will merge right around stopping buses.
  • Be sure to slow down, give way and be patient while buses are slowing and stopping.
  • And if you’re a pedestrian, take care when crossing the road, even when using signalled pedestrian crossings.

Avoid parking in bus zones - from Monday 1 February, all of Sale’s new bus stops will display bus stop flags, which will mean that they are active bus zones, and that it is illegal to park within them.

If you have any questions about the new town bus network services, please contact Littles Gippsland Coaches on 5144 2623 or via [email protected]