McIndoe Parade/Elm Grove pedestrian crossing - closure

The safety of the Parkdale community is important to us, which is why we have closed McIndoe Parade/Elm Grove pedestrian rail crossing.

The McIndoe Parade pedestrian rail crossing has no bells or automatic gates. Over the three years prior to the temporary closure there have been numerous near misses reported at the crossing by train drivers.

Why have we closed this crossing?

Across Victoria, to keep the community safe, pedestrian crossings without appropriate safety measures are being phased out of the network or upgraded. 

We understand that the local Parkdale community values this crossing, however we have been advised by rail and safety experts to close this pedestrian crossing until it can be upgraded and made safe.

When will the crossing be upgraded?

There are other significant upgrades happening along the Frankston train line, including major level crossing removals. These works impact the signalling system along the Frankston line and in turn the options for how we upgrade the crossing at McIndoe Parade.

Any crossing upgrade needs careful planning to ensure it operates effectively with the surrounding signalling infrastructure.

We will work closely with other projects in the area to investigate possible solutions for this crossing. Our investigation will also consider the adjacent crossings at White Street and Parkers Road and the possibility of other solutions to enable the delivery of broader community safety outcomes.

We are currently investigating and planning options at McIndoe Parade and we will have more information in 2022.

We appreciate the community’s patience as we undertake these important investigations.

Nearest alternative crossings

We have installed fencing at the crossing to keep the community safe and ensure people do not cross the rail corridor at this location.  

We ask that you use the alternative crossings and do not attempt to cross at this location.

Please use the Parkers Road or White Street pedestrian crossings to get to and from your destination.

Wayfinding signage is also on-site to support you to move around the area.

To stay up to date with the project or to get in touch with the project team, email [email protected].

McIndoe Parade nearest crossings

The nearest alternative pedestrian crossings are via Parkers Road and White Street.