Parkville substation

We’re upgrading Melbourne’s tram power network to meet the city’s future transport needs and increased demands on the network.

Melbourne is growing and we’re adding more capacity to our tram network to provide more services and reliability for passengers.

Our modelling shows the area around Royal Park/Flemington Road needs a power upgrade to boost route 57, 58 and 59 services. To support the increase in capacity, we’re building a new substation in the Royal Park Tram Reserve, Parkville.

This project is part of the E-Class Tram Infrastructure Program for Melbourne’s tram network and will support the continuing roll-out of E-Class trams on Route 58.

What does the project involve?

We’re replacing the existing tram driver’s amenity building located in the tram reserve in Royal Park. The new building will house electrical equipment to power improved tram services along routes 57, 58 and 59.

In redeveloping the site, we will:

  • remove the existing building
  • construct a new building housing driver amenities and electrical equipment for the tram power supply
  • relocate a palm tree a short distance from its current location.

We’ve consulted with the community since 2019 about the location and visual appearance of the substation.

We’ve engaged award winning architects, Breathe Architecture, and worked closely with the City of Melbourne to design a building that considers the heritage of Melbourne’s tram network at this prominent site.

Professional arborists have provided advice on the relocation of the palm tree.

 Artist render of Parkville substation

Artist's impression: North-west view

Next steps

The substation build will take just over a year and will be completed in four stages:

  1. Early service installation and site mobilisation – November to December 2022 – Complete
  2. Site demolition – Complete
  3. Construction and installation of equipment in the substation – February to September 2023
  4. Testing and commissioning – October to November 2023.

For more information on these works, please contact [email protected]