PTV Timetable API Data Quality Statement

A Data Quality Statement is recommended under the DataVic Access Policy Guidelines as an effective mechanism for communicating information about the quality of the data and how they can be used.

This Data Quality Statement applies to both Version 2 and Version 3 of the PTV Timetable API.

Data source

PTV Timetable API

Institutional environment

Data collector(s)

Data are created and collected by or on behalf of Victorian public transport train, tram and bus operators and by Public Transport Victoria.

Collection authority

Public Transport Victoria

Data compiler(s)

Public Transport Victoria (a government agency) compiles the data.

Additional information

Timetable data change frequently (for example, over summer, or for planned works) and are updated on an as-needs basis. Changes are advertised on the PTV website. As the data are accessed through an API, the data released are always up-to-date.


Data topic

The data collected are the public transport timetable (and associated data) for services in the state of Victoria (including Melbourne metropolitan services).

Level of geography

The state of Victoria.

Key data items

Timetable, station/stop locations, line/route paths, disruption information, stop-facility data for metropolitan train and V/Line train stations, real time data for train, tram and bus services where these are made available to PTV, and myki ticket outlets.

Additional information

The PTV Timetable API does not provide access to the PTV Journey planner nor the HERE Geocoder API (used by PTV to search addresses).


Data collected

The data are collected and compiled for release on an as-needs basis (this does not include real-time data which is a service on demand).

Data available

The data are made accessible through the PTV Timetable API. Their availability is current.

Referenced period

Approximately 14 days.

Additional information

Public transport scheduled timetable, real time, stop/station, route and line data change frequently. To ensure you access the most up-to-date data, it is strongly recommended you use the API dynamically.


Method of collection

The data are collected both manually and through electronic file.

Data adjustments

The data contain interpolated times for stops on bus routes that are not timing points.

Collection size

All public transport services in the State of Victoria.

Additional information

The data released are consistent with the data released by PTV through its apps.


Consistency over time

The data are consistent over time in that the same set of data (i.e. pertaining to services provided by public transport operators) are consistently collected and released.

Consistency of jurisdictions


Time series

There is not a consistent time series for this data. Timetable data change frequently. PTV only keeps the current timetable data (not including real time data which is a service on demand). PTV does not archive the old data once they have changed.



The PTV Timetable API gives the public access to raw public transport timetable data. It is not a Journey planner service.


Additional information

PTV has also released other public transport data through the DataVic website.

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