Assistance Animal Pass

The Assistance Animal Pass has been developed to help people with an ongoing disability who are unable to use public transport without a trained assistance animal.

The pass is issued to people who can demonstrate that their assistance animal is trained and alleviates the effects of their disability.

Download an application form via the link below and follow the step-by-step instructions:

Assistance Animal Pass information and application form (PDF) 161kB

An accessible version is available from the link below:

Assistance Animal Pass application form - accessible version (RTF) 649kB

Types of assistance animals covered by the Assistance Animal Pass include:

  • Mobility support animals: trained to help people with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs or have difficulty moving
  • Medical alert animals: trained to assist their handlers before and during a medical emergency
  • Psychiatric service animals: trained to provide support to people with psychiatric disabilities.

The following assistance animals do not require an Assistance Animal Pass and can travel free on public transport in Victoria:

  • Guide or Seeing Eye dogs trained to provide mobility assistance for people who have a vision impairment or blindness
  • Guide, Seeing Eye or Assistance dogs in training
  • Hearing dogs trained to help deaf or people with hearing impairments.

    For more information, see Assistance dogs.

      Interstate Visitors

      It is recommended that interstate visitors apply for the free Victorian Assistance Animal Pass, although interstate assistance animal passes will be accepted.

      Customers who use an assistance animal are advised to see the Accessible transport section of the website for information on travelling on the public transport network.