A new PTV website

PTV is currently developing a new website, aiming to improve the user experience and make it easier for passengers to find the information they need to travel on public transport.

From a single search field, the new site will connect users to journey planning, timetable information, real time departures, disruption information and interactive mapping.

The design and build of the new website has been undertaken as an iterative process with user testing an integral part of the process from the beginning.

What features are available?

At this stage, we’re limiting the functionality to the core features of journey planner, timetable and location information. You can search for stations, stops, addresses, route numbers or line names.

User feedback is critical to the success of the website, so we encourage everyone to have a look at the website, use it and then let us know any issues or other feedback you may have about it.

Visit the new website

How to provide feedback on the new website

Click through to the new website via the link above and then look for the 'Send feedback' button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Image showing the beta website feedback button

This will open a window which allows you to input your feedback and provide us with some information about your session to help us better understand your comments.