Ferry icon Western Port Ferry

Stony Point to French Island, Phillip Island

The Western Port Ferry service (previously known as the French Island Ferry) runs between Stony Point in Mornington Peninsula and Cowes on Phillip Island, via French Island.

The ferry departs from:

  • Stony Point Jetty on the Mornington Peninsula (Stony Point Station is a short walk from the jetty)
  • Tankerton Jetty on French Island
  • Cowes Jetty on Phillip Island


Tickets can be purchased onboard the ferry.

Please note: the Western Port Ferry is not a myki ticketed service.

The following fares apply:

  • Adult: one way $13.00, return $26.00
  • Child*: one way $6.00, return $12.00
  • Pensioner/concession: one way $8.00, return $16.00
  • Bicycle (additional cost): one way $4.00, return $8.00
  • Children aged under four years travel free.

*Child fares are available for children aged from four to 12 years old.

For more information including facilities and conditions of travel, see the Western Port ferry website.


Download the Western Port Ferry timetable (PDF) 96.7kB

All information in the attachment is displayed below.

Westernport Ferry timetable

Stony Point to Phillip Island

Monday to Friday

Train arrives from Frankston - 7.42am 9.19am - 10.51am 1.06pm 3.10pm 4.46pm 7.06pm
Stony Point 7.10am 7.50am 10.00am 10.45am 11.50am 2.35pm  4.15pm 5.15pm 7.20pm
French Island 7.30am 8.05am 10.20a, - 12.10pm 2.55pm 4.35pm 5.35pm 7.30pm
Phillip Island - 8.35am - 11.10am - 3.20pm - 6pm -
French Island  7.30am 9.05am 10.20am - 12.10pm 2.55pm 4.35pm 5.35pm 7.30pm
Arrives at Stony Point 7.45am 9.15am 10.35am 11.30am 12.25pm 4.00pm 4.50pm 6.45pm 7.45pm
Train departs for Frankston 7.55am 9.34am 11.04am 11.44am 1.44pm - 5.04pm 7.26pm 8.56pm


Train arrives from Frankston 7.24am 9.07am  10.48am 12.37pm 2.37pm 4.17pm  5.57pm    
Stony  Point 7.40am 10.00am 12.00pm 2.00pm 3.40pm 4.30pm  6.15pm    
French Island 7.55am 10.20am 12.20pm 2.20pm  4.00pm  4.50pm  6.30pm    
Phillip Island 8.30am 10.50am - 2.45pm - 5.25pm -    
French Island 9.00am 11.20am - 3.10pm - 5.55pm -    
Arrives at Stony Point 9.15am 11.35am 12.35pm 3.25pm 4.15pm 6.10pm 6.45pm    
Train departs for Frankston 9.31am 11.11am 12.51pm - 4.31pm 6.29pm 8.30pm    


Train arrives from Frankston 7.56am 9.47am 11.47pm 1.47pm 3.47pm -  5.57pm    
Stony Point 8.15am 10.00am 12.00pm 2.30pm 4.05pm 4.45pm 6.15pm    
French Island 8.35am  10.20am 12.15pm 2.40pm  4.25pm  5.05pm 6.30pm    
Phillip Island  9.00am 10.50am  12.45pm  3.15pm -  5.35p -    
French Island 9.30am 11.20am 1.10pm 3.40pm - 6.00pm -    
Arrives at Stony Point  9.45am 11.35am 1.25pm  3.55pm 4.40pm  6.10pm 6.45pm    
Train departs for Frankston 10.03am 12.03pm 2.03pm 4.03pm - 6.29pm 8.30pm