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Night Train

What is Night Train?

Night Train is the all night weekend train service that runs on Friday and Saturday nights, with services running in and out of Flinders Street Station.

When does Night Train run?

Night Train runs hourly on all lines, except Stony Point and Flemington Racecourse.

Stations that have more than one train line will have more frequent services. This includes key stations such as Footscray, Caulfield, Clifton Hill, Burnley and several others that have two trains an hour.

Where do trains run?

Major junctions such as Richmond, South Yarra and North Melbourne have more trains an hour as they are serviced by several lines (e.g Richmond has five trains an hour).

Some lines operate as shuttle services: the Williamstown line operates as a shuttle train from Newport, the Alamein line operates as a shuttle from Camberwell, the Cranbourne line operates as a shuttle from Dandenong. The Lilydale and Belgrave lines alternate as shuttles.

Ticket offices are staffed at Premium Stations, and at other stations the red assistance button connects passengers with a Metro customer service staff member at all times. For detailed information, see Night Network security, safety and noise.

Which stations are open all night?

In the city, Flinders Street Station is the central hub. City Loop stations close shortly after midnight, and Southern Cross Station closes shortly after 1am. After 1am, all trains run direct to and from Flinders Street Station.

Access to Flinders Street Station after 1am is only through the main entrance on Swanston Street.

Trains stop at all stations on the rest of the metropolitan rail network, except on the Stony Point and Flemington Racecourse lines which don't run.

Do services collect passengers inbound and outbound?

Yes – trains stop to collect passengers in both directions, which is great for people travelling between suburban destinations, or travelling into the city for shift work.

Do I use myki to travel?

Yes, touch on as you normally would to travel with a valid ticket.

For more information, see Night Network fares and ticketing.

For route information see the Maps page.

Plan your journey

Check timetable information or use the journey planner.