Safe travel initiatives

A number of initiatives have already been introduced and more are being developed to enhance safety for passengers while travelling on public transport.

Safety staff

Trains - metropolitan

Customer service staff are employed at stations and on trains to ensure passenger safety. They ensure passengers behave appropriately and patrol trains, car parks and platforms.

Premium stations are staffed from the first train in the morning until the last train at night. Additional stations are staffed in the weekday morning peak and in the afternoon peak. Flexible deployment of Authorised Officers allows them to better target trouble hotspots on the network across all scheduled services, in partnership with Transit Police.

The government introduced 940 Protective Services Officers at every train station in metropolitan Melbourne and major regional train stations from 6pm until the last train every day to improve safety for commuters.

Trains - regional

In addition to the staffed train stations in country Victoria are staffed, V/Line also employs more than 120 conductors on trains to check and sell tickets as well as to assist and ensure the safety of passengers.


Customer service staff travel on trams and are present at tram stops to:

  • provide information about tickets, timetables, connecting services and tourist attractions
  • check tickets
  • ensure passengers behave appropriately while using trams
  • help people, particularly the elderly, parents with young children and people with special needs and disabilities, board and disembark.

Staff are deployed throughout the network covering trams from first to last service.

Transit Police

Transit Police from the Transit Safety Division patrol Melbourne's public transport system to ensure the safety and security of passengers using trains, trams and buses. Transit Safety Division members are often supported by other police who regularly travel on the system. For more information, please visit

In March 2011, the Victorian Government allocated an additional 100 transit police to the network to improve passenger safety.  

Onboard safety

Various measures are being introduced on board trains and trams to make them even safer to use:

  • installing duress buttons and Closed Circuit Televisions on all new and refurbished trains
  • Melbourne's W-Class trams have been fitted with new braking systems to improve their safety
  • Combino trams are fitted with internal cameras to help drivers monitor passengers boarding and alighting around door areas. The cameras will also monitor the passenger compartment.

Station upgrades

Initiatives to improve safety at train stations include:

  • 3,000 cameras across the metropolitan rail network now provide greater CCTV coverage of stations, platforms, car parks and transport interchanges
  • improving security at entrances to underground City Loop stations
  • various works to improve the accessibility of train stations that wi ll also make those stations safer for all users

Accessible tram stops

A series of platform tram stops are being installed throughout Melbourne to make the system more accessible to everyone, in particular, people with a disability and elderly people. These stops also improve safety. The stops provide a clear barrier between tram passengers and passing cars and offer a stepless entry and exit to and from trams.

For more information, see Accessible trams.

Crime Stoppers

A Crime Stoppers Public Transport program operates on rail lines in Melbourne. The program increases the opportunity for commuters to report crimes and suspicious behaviour to police. For more information, visit the Crime Stoppers Victoria website.

Safe Travel Taskforce

The Safe Travel Taskforce advises the State Government on matters relating to public safety on the public transport network throughout Victoria.

The taskforce's responsibilities include:

  • assessing statistics on crime and other incidents concerning customer and staff safety and security
  • reviewing customer satisfaction and staff surveys relating to public safety issues
  • exchanging information between the parties including the Victoria Police and public transport operators on specific incidents, trends, security programs, resources and coordination of safety and security initiatives
  • monitoring reports from public transport operators on specific public safety and security initiatives including Government funded programs and activities for customer service and safety staff on the train, tram and bus systems
  • planning and implementing initiatives to improve safety of people using and working on public transport.