Route 510 and 955: Temporary stop closures and diversion from Saturday 28 October until Sunday 5 November 2017

Added: 26 September 2017

Due to tram track renewal works, Routes 510 and 955 will not service the following stops on Moreland Road from the first service on Saturday 28 October until the last service on Sunday, 5 November 2017:

  • Holmes Street (to Essendon)
  • Nicholson Street (to Ivanhoe)
  • Brunswick Private Hospital (to Essendon)
  • Barrow Street (to Ivanhoe)
  • Moreland Primary School (to Essendon)
  • De Carle Street (to Ivanhoe)

Customers for route 510 are advised to use stops on Moreland Road at:

  • Sydney Road (both directions)
  • Lincoln Street (to Ivanhoe)
  • Lanark Street (to Essendon)

Customers can also use temporary bus stops at:

  • De Carle Street/Moreland Road (both directions)
  • Davies Street/ Barrow Street (both directions)
  • Donald Street/Holmes Road (both directions)

Customers for Night Bus 955 can use temporary bus stops at:

  • Donald Street/Holmes Road (both directions)

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Updated 02:17pm, 22nd October