Central Goldfields


Central Goldfields is made up of the following suburbs/towns: Adelaide Lead, Alma, Amherst, Archdale, Archdale Junction, Bealiba, Bet Bet, Betley, Bowenvale, Bromley, Bung Bong, Campbelltown, Caralulup, Carisbrook, Cotswold, Craigie, Daisy Hill, Dunach, Dunluce, Dunolly, Eddington, Flagstaff, Glengower, Golden Point (3465), Goldsborough, Havelock, Inkerman, Joyces Creek, Lillicur, Majorca, Maryborough, Moliagul, Moolort, Moonlight Flat (3465), Mount Cameron, Mount Glasgow, Mount Hooghly, Natte Yallock, Red Lion, Simson, Stony Creek (3371), Talbot, Timor, Timor West, Wareek.

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City Of Central Goldfields

Map Of Central Goldfields