New South Wales and South Australian border information

Advice for passengers arriving from interstate

You will need to apply for a permit to enter Victoria from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. 

Areas will be designated green, orange or red zones by the Chief Health Officer (CHO) based on public health advice. Restrictions will apply for different zones.

You will be able to apply for a permit online at Services Victoria or by calling the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398. Each adult needs their own permit.

Based on current health advice, information on the different zones can be found on the Coronavirus Victoria website.

If you reach the border without a valid Victorian Travel Permit, you may face a possible fine.

The only exception is those living in border communities in New South Wales where locals require photo ID to prove their residential address.

Advice for passengers travelling interstate

If you travel interstate, please check the rules that your destination state or territory has in place.

If you ordinarily reside outside of Victoria, you may leave to return interstate.

Visit the Coronavirus Victoria website for more information.

South Australian restrictions

Restrictions are in place for passengers from greater Melbourne travelling across the South Australian border. Please visit the South Australian Goverment COVID-19 website to ensure you are permitted to travel before you board your service or book your ticket.

All travellers entering South Australia, regardless of where they are travelling from, are required to complete a Cross Border Travel Registration at least 7 days before travelling.

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory restrictions

Please check the New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory websites for any coronavirus travel restrictions or permit requirements before you travel.

Interstate rail and coach services

V/Line trains and coaches are running as normal across the New South Wales and South Australian borders.