Wearing a face mask on public transport

When travelling on public transport you must wear a fitted face mask covering your nose and mouth and ensure you wear it for your entire journey. It is also strongly recommended you wear a face mask when you cannot maintain 1.5 metres distance from other people, such as at busy stations and stops.

Wearing a face mask helps keep you and others safe.

There are exemptions for children under 12 years, individuals with breathing difficulties, and those who have physical conditions that make it difficult to wear a face mask.

You can find out more about the exemptions and wearing a fitted face mask at coronavirus.vic.gov.au.

All passengers are being asked to do their part to stay safe on public transport. That means:

  • maintaining physical distance from others where possible
  • practising good hygiene such as washing hands often
  • coughing and sneezing into your elbow or tissue
  • staying at home if you are unwell, and
  • getting tested if you have the mildest of symptoms

For the most up-to-date health advice visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au.