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We work closely with Victoria Police and public transport operators to help make your journey safer on the public transport network.

Protective Services Officers (PSOs) patrol the train network in the evenings, supported by many safety features across train, tram and bus, all working together to keep you safe. These features include CCTV, emergency help buttons, safety zones, bright lighting, Authorised Officers and customer service staff.

Understanding your safety features will help to make your journey a safer one.

Staff icon Protective Services Officers (PSOs)

Every night from 6pm till the last train you’ll find at least two PSOs patrolling at 220 train stations in metropolitan Melbourne and major regional train stations.

PSOs patrol train stations, station car parks, bus interchanges and the surrounding area. They're now expanding their patrols to on board trains as well as trams and tram stops.

PSOs are there to help those in need of assistance, and to detect, prevent and manage anti-social behaviour, crimes against the person, weapon and drug offences and property damage.

For more information about how PSOs keep you safe while travelling, visit the Victoria Police website.

Victoria Police is currently recruiting for new PSOs. If you're interested, view careers information on the Victoria Police website.

Staff icon Authorised Officers

Authorised Officers are here to help keep your public transport running smoothly and make sure everyone is paying their way. You can see them on trains, trams and buses. You may also see them at stations and stops.

They’re employed by public transport operators to check tickets, provide passenger information, improve safety and help during special events and disruptions. They receive ongoing training, and are authorised by the Victorian Government.

For more information, see Authorised Officers.

Staff icon Transit Police

Police from Transit Safety Division conduct visible and plain-clothes patrols across the public transport network, at all times of the day and night.

There are also specialist police who investigate offences and conduct major operations to deter and apprehend offenders on public transport.

Staff icon Customer service staff

Across all modes of public transport, customer service staff and drivers work to provide customer information and help you get to your destination safely.

CCTV icon CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras operate 24 hours a day, and are located across the train, tram and bus network.

Emergency assistance button icon Emergency assistance buttons

At metropolitan train stations there are red emergency assistance buttons on every platform and in train carriages. They give you direct access to a staff member who'll be able to assist you and activate emergency services if necessary. Emergency buttons are also located on trams.

Safety zone icon Safety zones

Yellow marked safety zones are located at some metropolitan train stations. These safety zones are well lit, close to red emergency assistance buttons and in the line of sight of CCTV cameras. Help phones have been installed in these zones to assist you in emergency situations.

Whether you catch a train, tram or bus, these safety features and initiatives are in place to make your journey on public transport a safer one. Safe travels!

Further information

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