Planning an event? Notify Public Transport Victoria

Added: 22 December 2016

If you are organising an event which is likely to have an impact on public transport services, then you are required under Victorian legislation to notify Public Transport Victoria (PTV).

PTV has developed the Special Events Management System (SEMS) to administer event notifications. SEMS is a cloud based system which is accessible from any web browser to enable access to your public transport related event planning information via the internet.

SEMS is a free membership system you are required to register for so you can submit your event notification. The following steps will guide you through the process.

Process for organising an event

Step 1. Register in SEMS

Click on the button below to access SEMS.

SEMS logo

The first time you use SEMS you will need to register to use the system.

The PTV Special Events Team will process your registration within one working day.

You will receive instructions on how to login to SEMS to your registered email account.

Step 2. Submit an Event Notification

Once you have logged into SEMS, you will be able to Submit an Event Notification.

If you are returning to SEMS, you will be able to Manage your Event(s) and your public transport planning related interactions with PTV, the relevant public transport operators and other relevant organisations.

Step 3. Receive advice

PTV will advise you within 10 business days of receiving your event notification if a Public Transport Plan is required and who needs to be involved in developing the plan.

Step 4. Develop a Public Transport Plan

Develop a Public Transport Plan in consultation with PTV, the relevant public transport operators and other relevant organisations.

Step 5. Obtain approval

Obtain approval of your Public Transport Plan from Public Transport Victoria.

Contact us

For more information and enquiries, use the Contact us section in SEMS.

Phone: 1800 800 007

View operator contacts for the contact details of public transport operators Metro, Yarra Trams, V/Line and bus operators in Melbourne and Victoria.

Other agencies may also be helpful as part of the event planning process including: