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Tram load standards October 2011

01 Jun 2012

The latest Public Transport Victoria tram load standards survey results have shown a reduction in crowding on the network.

The October 2011 load standards survey recorded 21 tram loads above the standard, compared to 25 recorded at the same locations in October 2010.

Over this same time, tram patronage grew 6.5 per cent to 187.7 million boardings.

PTV CEO Ian Dobbs said the modest reduction was a step in the right direction.

“The surveys are helping to further inform planning and strategy for the tram network as PTV and Yarra Trams prepare for the arrival of 50 new low-floor trams,” Mr Dobbs said.

“The introduction of new trams on the network will enable existing larger trams on to be moved to routes where patronage is greatest.
“PTV and Yarra Trams work hard to alleviate overcrowding wherever possible by keeping a close eye on route patronage and moving trams with greatest capacity to the routes that are most crowded.”