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March quarter Track Record results

18 Jun 2012

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has imposed performance penalties on V/Line, Metro and Yarra Trams for the March 2012 quarter.

The three operators received penalties based on their performance totalling more than $3.8 million.

Metro’s penalty payment of $2.729 million is the largest since the March 2010 quarter. Yarra Trams’ penalty payment was $323,000.

V/line was fined $766,000 for the quarter.

Payments and penalties are calculated based on the Operational Performance Regime, which calculates each minute a train or tram is late and gives greatest weighting to services at peak times with large passenger numbers.

This is designed to give greater incentive for operators to run full services to their scheduled destination.

PTV Chief Executive Ian Dobbs said the penalties showed that the franchise contracts were robust documents that held operators accountable for their performance.

“We will enforce the operators’ contracts to ensure there are appropriate incentives in place to drive improved services and also penalties in place when they do not meet their contract provisions,” Mr Dobbs said.

Metro’s penalty for the March 2012 quarter is partly due to higher cancellation levels during this period. The figure also includes significant penalties for running short services and for bypassing train loops.

“While it is pleasing that Metro has significantly improved overall punctuality in the past 12 months, Public Transport Victoria will work with Metro to improve all aspects of service delivery, not just the headline punctuality and reliability figures,” he said.

“I have reinforced to Metro that it must follow the scheduled timetable as closely as possible and should only make changes to scheduled services during times of major disruption when there are wider network problems.”

PTV is working with each of the operators to help improve the rail and tram networks through the implementation of a large maintenance and renewal program, which has led to works at key parts of the public transport network. Adjustments are made to bonuses and penalty payments to reflect any planned works or disruptions outside the operators’ control.

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