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Statement from Public Transport Victoria CEO Ian Dobbs regarding Ombudsman report

25 Oct 2012

Public Transport Victoria has accepted all of the recommendations of the Ombudsman's report which are directed at PTV either in full or in-principle.

While the events described in the Ombudsman's report took place prior to the establishment of PTV, we accept his recommendations and I have assured the Ombudsman that we will work diligently to ensure that all rail infrastructure and operating practices are properly overseen by PTV moving forwards.

There is no doubt that parts of the report make for difficult reading, but as the Ombudsman notes, most of the areas highlighted for action either have been or are being addressed. Indeed PTV was established for that very purpose.

There is no higher priority than the safety of our commuters, both in routine day-to-day rail operations or in the event of an emergency or serious incident. PTV takes this responsibility extremely seriously. We will complete asset and maintenance upgrades in the city loop as our highest priority.

In the past few years funding has increased substantially, allowing a number of rectification works to be implemented.

In more general terms, the creation of Public Transport Victoria as the new system authority overseeing public transport has established clearer accountability for identifying and fixing these sorts of issues.

There will be no more buck passing, no finger pointing, no infighting. As CEO I will not tolerate any inaction when it comes to matters of commuter safety.

Again, while the Ombudsman has been highly critical of the time it has taken to get these issues addressed in the past, the Ombudsman also noted that the issues either have been or will be fixed.

We have a vastly increased budget to deal with these issues today, but more importantly we have a better and more accountable management structure in place, and we have a committed and professional operator in Metro that is addressing maintenance issues not just in the loop but across the network.


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