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Fare Evasion Survey Results for October 2012

11 Dec 2012

Fare evasion significantly dropped in October 2012 on Melbourne’s trams to 10.5 per cent, the lowest since early 2008, and on Melbourne’s trains to 8.8 per cent, down from 11.7 per cent in May 2012.

The rate of fare evasion on Melbourne’s trams decreased from 20.3 per cent in May 2011 to 10.5 per cent in October 2012.

Fare evasion costs $80 million a year that could otherwise be used to improve the frequency of Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses or improve facilities at stations and stops.

In the October 2012 survey, overall Melbourne fare evasion was 9.4 per cent which compares with 11.9 per cent a year ago and 13.5 per cent in May 2012.

The only mode to show an increase in fare evasion was Melbourne’s buses where it rose from 7.6 per cent in October 2011 to 9.1 per cent in October 2012, but the current rate remains below May 2011’s 9.2 per cent for buses.

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