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Public Transport Victoria releases latest train loads survey

24 Jan 2013

Changes to Melbourne’s train timetables are reaping results for commuters, with a sharp drop in the number of crowded trains during peak periods.

Public Transport Victoria Director of Operations, Norman Gray said the number of trains exceeding the benchmark for passenger numbers has declined by 20 per cent in the last year. It is also 40 per cent lower than four years ago.

Figures from the October 2012 Metropolitan Train Peak Passenger Loads survey has found just 48 of the 530 peak period services exceeded the benchmark for passenger numbers.

It comes as Metro runs more peak period services than ever before.

“The overall trend has been very positive and is a sign that recent efforts to re-write timetables across the network are delivering benefits for train commuters,” Mr Gray said.

The improvements come as recent patronage figures show a 3 per cent growth in the number of people travelling during peak times.

The results follow the successful implementation of the April 2012 timetable, which added 353 weekly services to the network.

This timetable also introduced new stations at Lynbrook and Cardinia Road and opened the extension of the Epping rail line to South Morang.

One of the key results was on the South Morang line, which following the introduction of the timetable had the number of crowded services drop from six to one across both peak periods.

The number of crowded trains dropped or remained steady on every line except the Dandenong corridor and the Werribee line.

“We are working to improve crowding across the network, through improved timetable planning which will be refined every year,” Mr Gray said.

Full details of the Load Standards survey can be found at


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