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PTV takes first step toward one myki card

08 Mar 2013

Public Transport Victoria is taking the first step of a two-staged process to move to a single myki card design.

Public Transport Victoria Director of Customer Services Alan Fedda said the move to one card design will be noticed almost immediately.

“myki cards with blue markings on the reverse side will be phased out and in the future all myki cards issued will have green markings on the back,” he said.

“Concession myki cards will still be issued with an identifier on the back, such as ‘CH’ for a child card, ‘S’ for senior and ‘C’ for general concession, for the time being.

“There will continue to be some cards with the blue markings issued, given these are currently in stock at myki machines and retail outlets, but will be gradually phased out as card stock is replenished across the network.”

The second stage of the move to a single myki design will see the current card updated and just one card design issued to all passengers.

Mr Fedda said moving to only one myki card type has many benefits. 

“Producing just one myki card type saves money by reducing manufacturing and distribution costs, and provides opportunities to improve customer processes in the future,” he said.

“A single card design removes the need for card sellers to stock four different cards, reducing the risk of them not having a certain type of concession card in stock.

“The second stage of the process also enables the PTV call centre and website details to be added.”

The newly designed myki card is expected to be in circulation in late in 2013.


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