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Yarrawonga and Mulwala first to get new PTV FlexiRide transport service

31 Oct 2013

Yarrawonga and Mulwala will be the first Victorian communities to receive an innovative flexible demand response public transport service using existing taxis, Public Transport Victoria’s Director of Operations, Norman Gray announced today.

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and the Taxi Services Commission have worked collaboratively in the development of the proposed service and will continue to work closely during the evaluation and monitoring of the new service.

The PTV FlexiRide demand response service will begin operating on Monday 25 November and will replace the current Yarrawonga and Mulwala town bus network. There will be no changes to the school bus network.

Mr Gray said that Public Transport Victoria is delivering on the recommendations of the taxi industry inquiry by freeing taxis up to deliver more innovative services in regional Victoria.

“This flexible service will be provided to service the Yarrawonga and Mulwala communities, six days a week.

“It would be operated by Yarrawonga Mulwala Taxis, benefiting the local taxi industry by providing business during off-peak periods for the operator, where demand from taxi passengers is often low. 

“We’ll be assessing the community’s support of the service over the next 12 months.

“Currently the town bus services are carrying an average of two passengers per trip, on a bus with approximately 30 seats, which unfortunately means that the service is not sustainable in its current format. 

“We have looked at the best way to deliver public transport services for the local community, balancing customer convenience, accessibility, safety with value for public money. 

“This new flexible service model allows more stops to be placed throughout Yarrawonga and Mulwala, with an additional 24 stops planned.   

“This will mean a shorter walk to public transport for more people, significantly improving access, in particular for those with mobility issues.  

“This is especially important in Yarrawonga and Mulwala which are popular communities for retirees so easy access is important, said Mr Gray.

Normal public transport fares will apply and passengers will be able to purchase a full fare or concession one-way or return fare on board.

The new flexible service will operate every 90 minutes between 9am and 5.30pm on weekdays, and from around 8.30am to 1pm on Saturdays.

It will depart every 90 minutes from the town centre, with all other trips booked at least 10 minutes in advance of the timetabled departure time from the town centre. If no trip is booked, then the service will not run. Outside of the timetable and pre-booked trips, the taxi service will operate as normal.

Mr Gray said this new service is great news for the local community, and I’m very pleased that we have found a unique solution to address their transport needs.

“I encourage residents to jump on board when the new PTV FlexiRide service starts and to provide their feedback on the service direct to PTV.

“Local residents should look out for a “Yarrawonga PTV FlexiRide timetable guide in their letter boxes, which will provide them with the information they need to travel.  

“PTV is holding a community information session at The Town Hall (corner of Belmore and Orr Street, Yarrawonga) on Thursday 14 November between 11am and 1pm. Residents are encouraged to drop by to get information on how to use the new service, said Mr Gray. 

Customers will be able to book the PTV FlexiRide service by contacting Yarrawonga Mulwala Taxis at least 10 minutes in advance of the timetabled departure time from the town centre.

For more information call Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 or visit  

For background: The new phone number for Yarrawonga Mulwala Taxis will be available for customers before the service commences


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