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PTV begins delivery of new technology improvements

24 Jan 2014

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has begun implementing a completely new approach to the management of its technology (IT) systems that will deliver real improvements to Melburnians who use public transport services.

PTV CEO and Chair Ian Dobbs explained that a new approach was found to be required to bring together the many information systems that the organisation had inherited that make up the public transport network.

“Following the formation of PTV in April 2012, difficulties with IT infrastructure became immediately apparent,” Mr Dobbs said.

“We had inherited a real rag bag collection of IT systems that were a product of years of neglect by previous administrations. As a result we decided to conduct a “warts and all” external review and we commissioned KPMG to carry out the work.

“The review covered a broad range of IT-related areas, including systems, architecture and resources in PTV.

“A number of issues, including out of date and fragmented systems and technology, capability gaps and a lack of a forward plan were quickly identified.

“It became apparent that these issues had led to delayed improvements in many areas of the system, including the implementation of the new bus tracker system.

“One of the first actions was to find someone who could help lead our technology people going forward. As a result we were delighted late last year that Carolyn De Gois agreed to join us as our new Chief Information Officer.”

Ms De Gois says there is no quick fix.

“A long-term plan is currently being developed, and anticipated to be finalised over the first quarter of 2014,” Ms De Gois said.

“However, work has already commenced to deliver on fundamental system improvements.”

“We have already begun the replacement of technically complex, high cost systems with more suitable solutions. 

“Part of the improvements will see the release of an upgraded iPhone app and new Android app in 2014 which will deliver improved journey planning and disruption information including social media feeds from operators.

“We know our customers expect the best possible service, and that this can only be delivered by utilising the highest standards of technology. We need to provide a better experience for both customers on the public transport system and our employees.”


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