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New-look myki card to hit the rails

17 Oct 2014

Victoria will see new-look myki cards from early November, the next step in Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) plan to simplify the system and provide more options at myki ticket machines next year.

The new-look myki is dark grey and will be available for all passenger types. It features PTV’s network branding design, PTV’s updated contact information, and a blank strip for customers to write their name for identification.

Alan Fedda, PTV’s Director of Customer Services, said the new-look myki has many benefits for card sellers, operators, and distributors.

“The new-look myki will make distribution and stock holding simpler for retailers and station window staff as they no longer need to carry four different types of cards,” said Mr Fedda.

“Distributing four separate card types across the network increases delivery costs for PTV.

“The single card design streamlines the process of ordering and handling cards for operator and retail outlets, and reduces the overall amount of stock they need to hold on site.”

In 2015, new-look cards will enable seniors, child and concession customers to purchase myki cards at myki vending machines for the first time.

Mr Fedda said myki machines will be reprogrammed to sell all four types of myki cards.

“Myki machines will only carry the new-look myki. The passenger type and any concession entitlements will be coded to the myki at the vending machine.

“This means seniors, children and concession customers will be able to purchase myki cards at unstaffed stations, in addition to the staffed stations and other locations they already use.”

Mr Fedda said there was no need for customers to change to a new card if their green myki has not expired, in line with PTV’s commitment to minimise wastage.

“With the new-look card, passengers will still be able to touch on and touch off, top up myki money or load a myki pass, just as they do with current myki cards.

“It’s important our customers know the new-look myki will have no new functionality, does not cost any more, and will run alongside existing green and blue myki cards for up to four years.

“Apart from having a grey card in your wallet instead of a bright green one, there’s no change for customers until next year.”

Customers are advised there is no need to change to the new-look myki until their current myki expires.

For more information, call 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily).