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Public transport customers thanked for patience during extreme weather event

27 Oct 2014

Public transport customers are being thanked for their patience during delayed services and extreme weather conditions this morning.

Public Transport Victoria Chief Executive Officer Mark Wild said lightning strikes caused power surges across the train network.

“The delays experienced this morning were caused by extreme weather conditions that didn’t just impact public transport, but roads as well,” Mr Wild said.

“It is our job to get people to where they need to go, and our operators worked hard to minimise the impact on this morning’s commute.

“Metro worked throughout the morning to recover from the disruptions as quickly as possible and I’m happy to advise customers all train lines will be in operation to get people home tonight.”

Customers experienced delays of up to 60 minutes on all Metro train lines, while to 12.30pm today 176 services were cancelled overall.

Tram and bus services experienced delays of up to 30 minutes because of increased traffic congestion, while large crowds on Route 19 were experienced because of the temporary suspension of the Upfield line.

Metro Chief Executive Officer Andrew Lezala said Metro had a challenging morning and appreciate that it was a frustrating experience for customers.

“We had all available crews on the ground working to restore services as soon as possible,” Mr Lezala said.

“The network is currently running well and we expect to give our customers a much smoother ride home.”

Yarra Trams Chief Executive Officer Clément Michel said the operator’s focus during major weather events is to use real-time monitoring to maintain frequencies that provide a good level of service to customers.

“On many of our routes, road traffic congestion meant that trams were delayed although in most cases we were able to maintain regular spacing between trams,” Mr Michel said.

“Reflecting our role as one part of an integrated Melbourne public transport network, we actively tried to put extra trams on the network and provided additional capacity where possible to support Metro passengers whose journeys were affected by the weather.

“We appreciate that journeys may have taken longer for some passengers this morning and thank them for their patience.”

V/Line customers generally experienced delays of around 30 minutes, but up to one and a half hours on some lines.

V/Line Chief Executive Officer Theo Taifalos said all five of lines were affected by the storms today.

“The Bendigo and Ballarat lines were affected by signal faults in the regional network, while Geelong, Seymour and the Gippsland lines were delayed as a result of signalling issues in the met,” Mr Taifalos said.

“The delays were on average 30 minutes and heavy congestion from Werribee affected our trains coming up from Geelong, while heavy congestion from Pakenham affected our Gippsland trains getting into town.

“We apologise for the inconvenience to customers. We know it’s frustrating to be late for work on a Monday morning but the severe storms and lightning strikes were out of our control.”

For up to date service information customers should visit Live travel updates or call 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily).