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More people than ever paying a fare on public transport

03 Jul 2015

Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) May 2015 fare evasion survey data, released today, shows a record number of public transport users, or 95 per cent of all customers, are travelling with a valid ticket.

This is the highest recorded level of fare compliance since fare evasion data began being captured in 2005.

The survey results show the number of people paying their way has increased across all modes, except for metropolitan buses, which remained steady at 91.3 per cent of customers having a valid ticket.

More than 97 per cent (97.3%) of metropolitan train users, 95 per cent (95.3%) of tram travellers and 95 per cent (95.0%) of V/Line customers have the correct myki.

PTV Chief Executive Officer, Mark Wild, praised public transport operators and customers for the fantastic result.

“Recognition must go to the now 95 per cent of customers who know that travelling without a valid ticket is freeloading and costs our public transport network funds that could be used to improve services,” Mr Wild said.

“In just three years, PTV, Metro trains, Yarra Trams, V/Line and bus operators have more than halved the money lost through fare evasion, down from $80m in 2011-12, to $38.2m this year - at a time when public transport users have transitioned to a single ticket, ticketing system.”

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Mr Wild said all of these initiatives have contributed to the increasing number of passengers travelling with a valid ticket.Targeted fare compliance initiatives, more Authorised Officers, on the spot penalty fares and the customer education campaign ‘Freeloaders’, are having a positive impact on people who are now considering whether fare evading is worth the risk.

“The introduction of multi-modal Authorised Officers has enabled us to deploy resources across the network, Mr Wild said.

“The ‘Freeloaders’ customer education campaign has really resonated with people, with research showing 73 per cent of people understood the message that you will be caught if you fare evade, and 53 per cent of people saying the campaign is likely to make them change their behaviour.”

Fare evasion is down, while the chance of getting caught without a valid ticket continues to increase.

Mr Wild said more than 13 million tickets have been checked since July 2014.

“We warned customers with more Authorised Officers on the network the likelihood of getting caught would increase, and this has happened with 13 per cent more infringements being issued compared to the 2011-12 financial year,” Mr Wild said.

“Authorised Officers are checking around 1.3 million tickets per month, with more than 170,000 ticket infringement notices issued this year.

“This is in addition to the more than 69,000 commuters who elected to pay an on the spot penalty fare."

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