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June performance results published

10 Jul 2015

Public Transport Victoria today published performance results for June 2015, showing Metro has achieved performance targets for 39 consecutive months, with more than 90 per cent of services on-time.

  • Metro has delivered 98.3 per cent of services on-time in June
  • Metro services altered to run as unplanned express remain at 0.1 per cent
  • V/Line has delivered 86.8 per cent of services on-time
  • Yarra Trams has delivered 85.2 per cent of services on-time.

Public Transport Director of Performance and Contract Management Jeroen Weimar said that performance across much of the network was providing customers with a reliable service.

“Minor adjustments to tram timetables on 21 June have helped improve Yarra Trams’ performance in June,” Mr Weimar said.

“Yarra Trams delivered improved results compared to May, while also carrying out track works and upgrades across the network.”

Yarra Trams performance for June 2015 saw improvements in both service delivery and punctuality, with 99.4 per cent of timetabled services delivered and 85.2 per cent of these services arriving on time.

Mr Weimar said Metro has delivered its 39th consecutive month with more than 90 per cent of services on-time while also carrying out maintenance works in June and dealing with a weekday peak incident.

“In June, Metro completed extensive track, overhead and signal works between Richmond and Camberwell over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, involving more than 13,000 hours of work along the corridor,” Mr Weimar said.

Richmond Station also received a major upgrade on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend with extended canopies installed on platforms and ramps to provide more shelter from the elements for customers.

“Metro also experienced a major disruption during a weekday peak in June, resulting in their train control centre being evacuated. This resulted in major delays across the network, however Metro worked as quickly as possible to recover the network and get customers moving again,” Mr Weimar said.

Mr Weimar said the start of services on the Regional Rail Link had presented some challenges for V/Line.

“Regional Rail Link has been the biggest change to the V/Line network in about ten years and it has presented some challenges, particularly on the Ballarat line,” Mr Weimar said.

“Public Transport Victoria is working closely with V/Line and reviewing every aspect of the new Ballarat line timetable, and making changes where possible to improve services,” he said.

“I know every member of the V/Line and PTV team is determined to make this new timetable work because we’re committed to delivering the service levels customers deserve and expect.”

The June performance results are now available at, Track Record.


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