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Mobile coverage in Melbourne’s City Loop to be the envy of the world

15 Oct 2015

Passengers travelling through Melbourne’s City Loop can now receive mobile phone coverage, with major mobile carriers switching on their data and voice coverage across all the underground stations and 12 kilometres of tunnels.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan today joined heads of transport and mobile carrier companies at Parliament Station, to announce the completion of final testing and the switch on of mobile phone coverage throughout the City Loop.

Rail passengers now have high-quality 3G mobile coverage throughout their journey underground, which stops their phones dropping out and gives them constant access to the internet via their carriers.

The mobile coverage service works off installed carrier equipment using common antennae infrastructure (with the Digital Train Radio System), including 10.5 kilometres of ‘leaky feeder’ cabling, 22 in-tunnel directional antennas and 12 repeater sites. This ensures full 3G mobile phone coverage across all 12 kilometres of tunnels and Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament Stations.

The 3G mobile service in Melbourne exceeds the quality of coverage found in many other capital cities, which sometimes have limited coverage in their rail tunnels.

The new mobile phone service emulates mobile carrier coverage and services in the Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Montreal and Sydney underground rail systems.

The project is being delivered in two phases with the first phase, the start of 3G mobile phone coverage, complete and the second phase, 4G services, expected in late 2016.


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