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July 2017 performance results published

10 Aug 2017

Public Transport Victoria today published performance results for July 2017.

  • Metro delivered 89.8 per cent of services on-time in July
  • Yarra Trams delivered 83.9 per cent of services on-time in July
  • V/Line delivered 84.7 per cent of services on-time in July.

Public Transport Victoria Executive Director, Network Service Delivery, Laura Lo Bianco-Smith said that while performance continued to improve on V/Line and Yarra Trams, the significant disruption for Metro services on 13 July had an obvious impact on results.

“The network-wide disruption on 13 July was unacceptable and an automatic myki refund will be provided by Metro to affected passengers,” Ms Lo Bianco-Smith said.

“Metro will provide $627,000 in refunds to 175,000 passengers affected by the incident. Metro will also face financial impact under the Operational Performance Regime, with the final cost to be finalised over the coming month.”

V/Line delivered strong punctuality results on the two of its busiest lines – Ballarat and Geelong. On time performance on the Ballarat line was up four percentage points to 87.9 per cent, and remained above the 12-month average on the Geelong line with 89.6 per cent. 

“The Geelong and Ballarat lines account for more than half of all regional train trips on the network, so it’s important V/Line can deliver services that many regional Victorian’s rely on every day,” Ms Lo Bianco-Smith said.

“July saw major upgrades to transport infrastructure across the State, taking advantage of the quieter school holiday period.” Ms Lo Bianco-Smith said.

“The 2017/18 State Budget saw an investment of $316 million in maintenance funding to improve reliability of the whole regional network.”

“V/Line are continuing to deliver significant maintenance and improvement works across the network, introducing more VLocity carriages, and upgrading level crossings to improve reliability and safety for regional passengers.”

On the tram network, careful and coordinated planning across road, trams, trains and buses saw buses successfully replacing trams along a two kilometre stretch of eight major routes during the closure of St Kilda Road for vital Melbourne Metro Tunnel works.

“In the space of 11 days we built four kilometres of new dedicated tram tracks, in addition to two new accessible stops, meaning Route 58 has less interaction with traffic on Toorak Road West and the world’s busiest tram corridor is now more accessible for all routes,” Ms Lo Bianco-Smith said.

July performance results are available on the PTV website at Track Record.

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