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Fare compliance remains high on public transport

16 Oct 2017

Fare compliance on Melbourne’s metropolitan trains and trams remains high, with 97.6 per cent of train and 95.1 per cent of tram passengers travelling with a valid ticket.

The figures announced today have been released as part of Public Transport Victoria’s May 2017 Fare Compliance Survey which measures how many Victorians are doing the right thing.

According to the report, when combined across all three metropolitan modes (trains, trams and buses), 94.8 per cent of passengers in Melbourne travelled with a valid ticket.

Fare compliance also remains high on V/Line services at 94.2 per cent, as the regional network continues to experience significant growth in passengers and services. V/Line now operates 2000 weekly services for the first time in its history, a 40 per cent increase since November 2014.

The Fare Compliance Survey, completed twice yearly in May and October, involves more than 65,000 tickets being checked across all modes to give a snapshot of passengers travelling with a valid ticket.

Since the survey began in 2005, fare compliance in metropolitan Melbourne has improved from 86.6 per cent in October 2005 to the current 94.8 per cent.

PTV CEO Jeroen Weimar, said these survey results are the first since the introduction of a new fare compliance system which saw the removal of on-the-spot penalty fares on 1 January 2017 and better training for Authorised Officers.  

“Over the past decade we have seen a huge improvement in the number of passengers doing the right thing and it is great to see that continuing,” said Mr Weimar.

“At the same time we have also seen a reduction in the number of complaints about Authorised Officers, following the introduction of the new simpler and fairer compliance system.”

While most passengers travelled with a valid ticket, fare evasion still cost taxpayers $36.5 million in lost revenue in the last financial year.

Common reasons recorded for not having a valid ticket were concession fare breaches on metropolitan buses (2.8 per cent) and having ‘insufficient balance’ on a regional train (2.0 per cent).

Further information, including survey results are available at Research and statistics.

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