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November 2017 performance results published

08 Dec 2017

​Public Transport Victoria (PTV) today published performance results for November 2017.

  • Metro delivered 92.5 per cent of services on-time in November.
  • Yarra Trams delivered 79.3 per cent of services on-time in November.
  • V/Line delivered 85.8 per cent of services on-time in November.

PTV Acting CEO Dean Tillotson said that despite November’s record run of consecutive days of above average temperatures, Metro still delivered one of its best results of 2017 with 92.5 per cent of train services running on time.

“Metro needs to maintain this level to meet the tougher expectations set out in their new contract which came into effect on 30 November,” Mr Tillotson said.

“They will be helped by the $80 million increase in annual maintenance investment in the metropolitan train network under their new contract to further improve reliability,” said Mr Tillotson.

The V/Line network also delivered one of its highest on-time performances in the past 12 months with an overall network punctuality of 85.8 per cent.

“All lines across the regional network, except Albury and Warrnambool, met the reliability target in November,” said Mr Tillotson.

“V/Line passengers can also expect to see benefits from the new Metro contract, that commenced this month, through better management of shared tracks aimed at giving regional trains a more reliable pathway when travelling through the metropolitan network.”

On Melbourne’s tram network, successive unplanned city centre protests contributed to Yarra Trams slipping below 80 per cent punctuality for the first time in six months.

Reliability also slipped to 97.9 per cent meaning Yarra trams didn’t hit their 98 per cent target for the first time in almost three years.

“Maintenance spending on our tram network will increase more than 57 per cent to $81.5 million annually under the new contract with Yarra Trams, improving longer term reliability,” said Mr Tillotson.

“At the same time we’re continuing to upgrade our fleet with 80 new E-class trams expected to be in service by mid-2019, providing space for more than 17,000 extra passengers.”

November performance results are available at Track Record.

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