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Record fare compliance on Victoria’s regional trains

27 Feb 2018

​Victoria’s regional trains recorded a record high of 96.2 per cent of passengers travelling with a valid ticket, with Melbourne’s trams and buses also registering increases.

Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) October 2017 Fare Compliance Survey released today shows that V/Line recorded its best result since the surveys began on regional services in 2012, with overall compliance on the metropolitan network also up.

PTV Chief Executive Officer, Jeroen Weimar, said the results come at a time when record numbers of services are being delivered on our network, and patronage is increasing significantly.

“Around 2 million trips are taken on our public transport every day, with that number continuing to rise,” said Mr Weimar.

“We believe that most travellers want to do the right thing and we’re helping by making the ticketing system as user-friendly as possible. 

“We’re making it easier to travel with a valid ticket with initiatives like faster online top up times, faster myki readers, contactless payment machines and trials of next generation quick top up machines at key locations across the network. 

Estimated fare compliance rate by mode (2014 to 2017)

The results show the number of people holding a valid ticket increased overall for the metropolitan network to 95.3 per cent (up from 94.8 per cent in May 2017).

Trams and buses recorded higher levels of fare compliance, while trains remained steady at 97.3 per cent. Fare compliance on metropolitan buses improved to 91.2 per cent (up from 89.2 per cent in May 2017).

The Victorian Fare Compliance Survey is conducted in May and October each year. Throughout the October survey period, more than 54,000 tickets were checked,  including  more than 38 thousand on the metropolitan network, and over 16 thousand on V/Line services.

For further information including survey results, see Revenue protection and fare compliance.