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Campaign spotlights public transport safety

01 Aug 2018

PTV is highlighting the range of safety and security measures keeping commuters safe on Victoria’s public transport network.

The ‘Safety You Can See’ campaign is a Public Transport Victoria initiative, supported by Victoria Police, to raise awareness of safety features on the network and highlight the strong working partnership between Victoria Police and public transport operators.

PTV CEO Jereon Weimar said the ‘Safety You Can See’ campaign is reminding people that we are looking out for their well-being and safety on public transport, whatever the time of day.

"The overwhelming majority of the 590 million journeys a year on Victoria's public transport network happen without incident," said Mr Weimar.

"This campaign reminds people that they aren’t travelling alone on public transport and that we are constantly looking out for their safety.

"We want people to feel safe and confident using public transport no matter what the time of the day."

Safety features on the network include real time monitoring of the network through CCTV, safety buttons and safety-zones on and around platforms, as well as the more visible Protective Services Officers (PSO’s) and Customer Service staff.

Print and Social media channels will be used in the campaign to educate passengers, including information highlighting existing safety features on trains, trams and buses.

"I encourage all Victorians to use the interactive elements of this campaign to understand the safety features in place on our public transport network," said Mr Weimar.

"This includes more than 1200 Protective Service Officers and CCTV monitoring – literally safety you can see."

For more information, view ‘Safety You Can See’.