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Strong fare compliance continues

09 Oct 2018

Fare compliance remains high on Melbourne’s metropolitan trains, trams and buses, with the overall percentage up on the same period in 2017.

Melbournians continue to do the right thing, with 95.3 per cent touching on when travelling on the three metropolitan modes which is an improvement on the 94.8 per cent seen in May 2017.

Public Transport Victoria’s May 2018 Fare Compliance Survey measured the percentage of passengers travelling with a valid ticket across metropolitan train, tram and bus services, and on the regional train network.

Metropolitan trains had the highest compliance rate at 97 per cent, with trams up to 96.1 per cent and buses steady at 91 per cent.

At 93.6 per cent, compliance on regional services was below the record result seen in October 2017, but on a par with the same period in 2017.

Percentage of valid tickets by mode:

Survey date Metropolitan train Tram Metropolitan bus Metropolitan network Regional train

May 2017

97.6% 95.1% 89.2% 94.8% 94.2%

October 2017

97.3% 95.4% 91.2% 95.3% 96.2%

May 2018

97.0% 96.1% 91.0% 95.3% 93.6%

PTV CEO Jeroen Weimar, said that as the number of passengers and services continues to grow, PTV is exploring new ways to make it simpler and quicker to top up your myki and travel with a valid ticket.

“In addition to rolling out faster myki readers, contactless payment machines and trials of next generation quick top up machines at key locations, we’re also trialling new technology to allow passengers to top up on the go.”

Launched in 2008, myki is the one of the world’s largest smart ticketing systems with more than 12 million active cards and 700 million transactions each year.

PTV’s Fare Compliance Survey is completed twice yearly in May and October. Almost forty thousand metropolitan passengers and over seventeen thousand V/Line commuters had their tickets checked for the May 2018 survey.

There has been significant improvement in fare compliance since the first survey in October 2005 which found only 86.6 per cent of Melbournians travelling with a valid ticket.

Further information, including survey results are available at