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June 2019 public transport performance results published

12 Jul 2019

The Department of Transport today published public transport performance results for June 2019.

  • Metro delivered 88.3 per cent of services on time in June
  • Yarra Trams delivered 84.1 per cent of services on time in June 
  • V/Line delivered 88.2 per cent of services on time in June

In June, Metro Trains delivered 88.3 per cent punctuality — below its 92 per cent target. 

Department Acting Deputy Secretary Alan Fedda said the sub-90 per cent performance means Metro will pay compensation to passengers. A number of incidents contributed to the result including an overhead power issue near Aircraft Station on 3 June and a collision between a train and car near Mentone Station on 12 June. 

Trains were also delayed by more than 100 incidents involving ill passengers who required medical assistance, which is almost double the amount recorded in June 2018 and the highest in three years.

As part of the State Government’s current contracts to operate the metropolitan train and tram networks, Metro Trains can be fined up to $1.25 million per month and Yarra Trams can be fined up to $500,000 per month. These penalties are calculated on a quarterly basis, with PTV working to finalise Metro’s overall performance for the quarter.

“Metro Trains’ contract with the State Government includes tougher measures than ever before in relation to punctuality. We expect them to meet these targets and deliver a service that our passengers deserve,” Mr Fedda said. “These results are unacceptable and we will continue to work with Metro Trains to ensure its performance returns to the expected levels.” 

When incidents do occur with infrastructure such as overhead wiring, Metro undertakes works to rectify these issues and reduce the chance of further disruptions to passengers in the future. For example, more than 600 insulators on the Werribee line have been replaced on top of the existing routine maintenance schedule after a serious overhead power incident at Laverton Junction in May. 

Under the previous contract, Metro Trains would not have been required to pay compensation. Passengers can visit the Metro Trains website to claim compensation for travel in June. 

V/Line recorded its best performance result so far this year, with the Ballarat and Warrnambool lines enjoying sharp increases in punctuality. Ballarat line punctuality increased from 83.8 per cent in May to 88.3 per cent in June. Warrnambool punctuality jumped from 87.2 per cent to 92.5 per cent. 

The Geelong and Bendigo lines also improved in punctuality, helping V/Line improve the percentage of trains running on time from 86.5 to 88.2 per cent. Mr Fedda said V/Line placed an increased focus on measures to help on-time departures during June. 

“Additional staff at Footscray station played a more active role in platform management, helping passengers board and exit trains faster by providing additional announcements,” Mr Fedda said. “V/Line are also trialling measures to help passengers board and exit trains more efficiently.”

Yarra Trams experienced a 4.4 per cent rise in punctuality from May, finishing June at 84.1 per cent, the best result in the past four months. It is also above the 83.1 per cent 12-month average and the second highest result since October last year. 

Mr Fedda said it was great to see the improvement in both punctuality and reliability – which rose to 99.1 per cent – across Melbourne’s tram network, providing passengers with a reliable tram service. 

“It’s pleasing to see improvements in performance on our tram network, which is used by thousands of passengers every day.” Mr Fedda said. 

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