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July 2019 public transport performance results published

09 Aug 2019

The Department of Transport today published public transport performance results for July 2019.       

  • Metro delivered 91.3 per cent of services on time in July.
  • Yarra Trams delivered 85.1 per cent of services on time in July.
  • V/Line delivered 89.8 per cent of services on time in July.

In July, V/Line achieved its best punctuality levels since October 2016, recording 89.8 per cent on-time performance across the regional network.

Department Head of Transport Services Jeroen Weimar said V/Line’s two busiest lines, Geelong and Ballarat, recorded large improvements, increasing line punctuality from 90.9 to 91.6 per cent and 88.3 to 93 per cent respectively.

The regional operator also exceeded its 96 per cent reliability target by delivering 97.5 per cent of scheduled services.

“This fantastic result is a testament to V/Line’s focus on maintenenance and changes in how they manage platform passenger movements on platforms and respond to incidents.

“Ultimately this means less delays and a more reliable service for passengers across regional Victoria,” Mr Weimar said. “V/Line is committed to delivering better services while also carrying more passengers across regional Victoria every day.”

On the metropolitan train network, Metro Trains recorded a 3 per cent increase in punctuality between June and July, rising to 91.3 per cent.

Mr Weimar said the increase in on-time performance was encouraging, but added that a number of significant external incidents affected Metro’s ability to meet its 92 per cent target.

A major factor in Metro’s below-target July result occurred on 15 July when almost 120 services were either delayed or cancelled by a train hitting two cars parked across the Brunt Road level crossing near Officer.

“While it’s positive to see more services arriving on time, we continue to work with Metro to manage major incidents outside of their control and ensure our passengers receive a reliable train service all day, every day,” Mr Weimar said.

Trains were also disrupted by a significant number of incidents involving people walking on or around train tracks during the month.

Everyone will be reminded of the need to be more careful on and around the train network during Rail Safety Week starting next week.

“We urge the community to be alert to dangers on and around the rail network and think twice before stepping onto train tracks.”

Yarra Trams’ punctuality also improved, reaching 85.1 per cent in July – above its 82 per cent target and 83.1 per cent 12-month average. Yarra Trams also delivered 99.1 per cent of scheduled services in July.

“It’s good to see consistent improvement on our iconic tram network, which carries thousands of passengers every single day,” Mr Weimar said.

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