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August 2019 public transport performance results published

12 Sep 2019

The Department of Transport today published public transport performance results for August 2019.               

  • Metro Trains delivered 89.9 per cent of services on time in August.
  • Yarra Trams delivered 84.5 per cent of services on time in August.
  • V/Line delivered 87.8 per cent of services on time in August.

Due to Metro Trains’ on-time performance falling below 90 per cent in August, it will now pay compensation to passengers for the third month this year.

Department Head of Transport Services Jeroen Weimar said the result was disappointing as Metro Trains was expected to meet its 92 per cent punctuality target every month. Metro Trains also delivered 98.1 per cent of its scheduled services during August, below its 98.5 per cent target.

Metro Trains’ performance was impacted by several factors, some of which were outside of its control, including multiple police operations and a number of people found walking on and around train tracks. There was an increase in delays caused by ill passengers and congested platforms during peak periods.

Services were also impacted by an overhead equipment fault that suspended Frankston line services on 13 August and a vehicle that was struck by a train at Spotswood on 5 August.

“This result is unacceptable, our metropolitan passengers deserve a more punctual and reliable train service,” Mr Weimar said. “While there were some unavoidable delays during August, Metro Trains needs to ensure it is delivering a service that our passengers need and expect.

“We will continue to work with Metro Trains to ensure its performance returns to acceptable levels.”

As part of the State Government’s contracts with Metro Trains – introduced in November 2017 – the operator can be fined up to $1.25 million per month for not meeting targets.

Under the previous contract, Metro Trains would not be required to pay compensation in August. Passengers can visit the Metro Trains website to claim compensation.

On the tram network, Yarra Trams delivered 84.5 per cent of services on time – above its 82 per cent target and its 12-month average, which is 83 per cent. However, it fell short of its 98.5 per cent reliability target, delivering 98.3 of its scheduled services.

Performance was also impacted by industrial action taken by Yarra Trams employees over five days, including a four-hour tram work stoppage on Friday, 30 August.

“Industrial action has an impact on passengers, however it is pleasing to see Yarra Trams deliver a reliable service despite the disruptions experienced in late August,” Mr Weimar said. “We encourage all parties involved in these negotiations to keep working towards a satisfactory agreement to ensure passengers receive a tram service they deserve.”

V/Line again exceeded its 96 per cent service delivery targets, achieving 97.3 per cent reliability. The regional rail operator delivered 87.8 per cent of services on time, which was above the 86.9 per cent punctuality in August 2018, as well as the 87.2 per cent 12-month average. 

The Bairnsdale and Warrnambool lines also enjoyed improvement in on-time performance between July and August, rising from 76.8 to 83.5 per cent and 88.1 to 91.9 per cent respectively.

“It’s encouraging to see this improvement following the ongoing infrastructure upgrades that continue to be carried out across the regional train network,” Mr Weimar said.

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