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Have your say about the Doncaster Rail Study Phase One Draft Recommendations Report

14 Mar 2013

​The Minister for Public Transport released today the Doncaster Rail Study Phase One Draft Recommendations Report.

The report details the findings of the independent study team’s investigations into the best route for a Doncaster rail line. The report recommends an alignment from the Doncaster Park-and-Ride to the city, via the Eastern Freeway, connecting to the Hurstbridge line at around Victoria Park.

The study estimates daily patronage of up to 56,000 people, with new stations at the Doncaster Park-and-Ride, Bulleen (Thompsons Road) and Kew (Chandler Highway).

A number of rail network capacity challenges are identified in the study findings, which would need to be addressed before a rail line to Doncaster could be introduced.

These challenges include measures to increase the number of trains that can be run on the busy South Morang and Hurstbridge group of lines.

The proposed rail line is estimated to cost in the order of $3 billion to $5 billion.

For more information about the study, see Doncaster Rail Study

Draft recommendations report – available for public comment

The draft report is now available for public comment.

Visit to read the report and find out how you can have your say.

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