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Findings of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study Report now available

18 Mar 2013

​The Minister for Public Transport released today the findings of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study Report.

The study assessed 80 alternatives to the 2001 'Albion East' alignment to determine the best route for a Melbourne Airport rail link.

An altered Albion East alignment outperformed the assessed alternatives and is the recommended alignment for an Airport rail link.

The new Albion East design follows the 2001 route from the airport boundary via new tracks through reserved land and a freight corridor, but will use the existing rail tracks from Sunbury within the Sunshine corridor and connect with the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel, extending the link to Melbourne's east.

This alignment outperformed options which connected the Airport with the CBD via a direct tunnel, a connection via Craigieburn and a connection via Flemington.

Since the Albion East alignment was reserved more than 10 years ago, air passenger trips and patronage on trains have both grown by an unprecedented 70 per cent.

This review confirms the best alignment for a Melbourne Airport rail link, taking into account Melbourne's growth and changes in planning for Melbourne's rail network.