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myki starts on Wallan and Kilmore buses

14 Oct 2013

The myki ticketing system began operating on Wallan and Kilmore town bus services from Monday, 28 October 2013.

myki replaced two hour and daily paper tickets purchased onboard the bus.

The start of myki on Wallan and Kilmore town buses has many benefits for customers using these services.

myki is the only ticket people in Wallan and Kilmore need to travel seamlessly across much of Victoria, from taking a journey on their local town bus to connect with a V/Line train to Melbourne, and then onward to suburban areas using a train, tram or bus.

As long as customers touch on and off each time they travel, myki will charge the lowest fare, including off-peak fares on V/Line services as appropriate.

Paper tickets will still be available from the bus driver for two weeks after myki starts, but customers using Wallan and Kilmore town bus services will need to switch to myki by 10 November 2013.

Customers using Wallan and Kilmore town bus services have more ways to purchase their ticket to travel under myki.

As well as buying and topping up a myki at the ticket window at staffed V/Line stations, customers can also buy and top up their card online, at myki machines at V/Line stations, as well as onboard the bus.

People using myki money can also set up auto top up so they never again have to wait in line at a ticket window or machine.