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On the spot penalty fares to combat fare evasion

30 Oct 2013

Public transport passengers without a valid ticket may soon pay an on the spot penalty fare with legislation to enable the collection of the fare to be introduced into Parliament on 30 October 2013.

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has begun discussions with operators to introduce the initiative in early 2014.

The introduction of on the spot penalty fare is expected to have a number of benefits for operators and public transport passengers:

  • Penalty fares can be issued quickly, meaning Authorised Officers are more visible on the network, checking more tickets and penalising more fare evaders
  • Passengers won’t be required to provide their name and address to the Authorised Officer if they pay on the spot
  • Payment is received upfront and in-full
  • The on the spot penalty fare will be $75, while the current $212 fine will remain in place for certain offences and situations.

Where passengers cannot, or choose not to pay the on the spot penalty fare, the existing infringement process and higher fine applies.

On the spot penalty fares will only be offered for certain offences and will not be offered to people under 18, who will continue to face the existing fine of $72.