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New Customer Advocate commences at Public Transport Victoria

02 Dec 2013

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is committed to ensuring that its customers are satisfied with the quality of customer service they receive. 

PTV has created the role of the Customer Advocate to investigate and resolve escalated complaints from customers across the public transport industry - assisting those customers who have been unable to get a resolution through our regular customer service channels. 

The Customer Advocate will also give PTV greater oversight of the quality of customer services being provided across the industry, and gives PTV the opportunity to understand and address the reasons why customers may be dissatisfied. This will enable PTV to lead improvements in customer service standards and the quality of public transport services. Customers can be more confident that their issues will be addressed, and in turn, trust PTV to deliver a positive public transport experience.

The Customer Advocate will try to resolve escalated complaints through discussion and agreement with the complainant and the operator or PTV. It will thoroughly investigate the complaint to understand all relevant issues and help it resolve the complaint.

The Customer Advocate does not take over the role of the Public Transport Ombudsman (PTO). Customers continue to have the right to escalate their complaints direct to the PTO, regardless of whether or not the Customer Advocate has investigated. 

If you wish to escalate your complaint, simply tick the box marked ‘escalate my feedback’ on our feedback form to direct your original case to the Customer Advocate. Please note that you must have already raised your feedback and received a response in order to escalate it to the PTV Customer Advocate.

Contacting the PTV Customer Advocate allows PTV to be aware of all issues affecting customers on the network, so that it can continue to deliver improvements that will make a difference.