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Are you a model commuter?

16 May 2014

A new ‘Model Commuters’ education campaign from Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is shedding light on the different behaviours of passengers traveling on public transport.

The Minister for Public Transport said the campaign features four distinct characters, each highlighting one simple thing commuters can do to make each other’s journey more comfortable.

The four characters representing different types of behaviour are:

  • The Mover-overer
  • The Floor Bagger
  • The Quiet Talker
  • The Door Clearer

“We’ve all been on a train, tram or bus when a fellow commuter has done something that has made our journey less enjoyable.

“With this education campaign four characters have been created to get the message across that we can all do something, no matter how small, to improve the way we go about catching public transport.

“It's a friendly reminder to be mindful of your fellow passengers and put your bag on the floor, move over to the next seat, clear the doorway and speak quietly”

Chief Executive Officer Mark Wild said PTV spoke to transport operators and reviewed customer feedback to find out what passenger behaviours on public transport commuters complained most about.

“The feedback helped PTV to develop the characters featured in the ‘Model Commuters’ campaign,” Mr Wild said.

“Transport operator and customer feedback told us commuters get annoyed at fellow passengers that don't move seats, keep a bag on their back, talk too loud and don’t keep doorways clear.

“PTV also surveyed members of a panel of public transport users who told us passenger etiquette is the fourth most influential factor on experience of public transport, with 62 per cent of people saying people’s bad habits had a medium to high impact on their experience.

“Just under three quarters, or 71 per cent of panel members consider the behaviour and etiquette of other passengers to be an important element of their overall experience when using public transport.”

The ‘Model Commuters’ education campaign is supported by a microsite (link opens in a new window) where commuters can share their favourite model commuter via their social networks.