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New ramps to make Frankston line more accessible

14 Aug 2014

Every platform on the Frankston line will soon be fitted with new ramps enabling people with mobility aids to board trains independently and more easily.

In conjunction with this initiative ‘no-cyclist’ signs will be painted on the platform to prevent cyclists boarding at the first door of the first carriage.

This idea came about when Patterson Lakes resident Bill Walstab attended Kingston Cabinet on 18 November 2013. Mr Walstab raised the issue of bikes crowding the first carriage and leaving no space for people with mobility aids to board.

Funded as part of the $115 million Bayside Rail Project, the $4.5 million initiative to build ramps will allow wheelchair and other mobility aid users to enter the first door of the first carriage of trains unassisted, giving them greater independence.

The new ramps will provide a boost to the independence and accessibility of people in the community with special needs.

Customers using wheelchairs and motorised scooters will be able to enter and leave the first carriage of trains easily and safely without needing the assistance of a train driver.

The ramps have a rubberised ‘finger’ that neatly closes the gap between the platform and the train carriage. 

The ramps will give mobility aid users greater freedom and confidence to travel on public transport.

The wheelchair stencil and signage would be progressively rolled out to other lines on the metropolitan and regional network.

The boarding ramps will also assist with the punctual running of trains, as drivers will less often need to exit the cabin to assist passengers.

This innovation builds on the $115 million transformation of the Frankston line that will improve its accessibility, reliability, safety and amenity.

The innovative new boarding ramps are in line with the Victorian State Disability Plan 2013-16 which focuses on improving the lives of people with disability, their families and carers.

The Bayside Rail project is on track for existing X’Trapolis trains to run in coming months and eight new X’Trapolis trains to operate by late 2015.

Improvements to the safety, amenity and accessibility of stations along the line have already been completed, with all station works on track for completion by the end of 2014.

For more information view, the New ramps to make Frankston line more accessible media release (link opens in a new window).

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